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Medical & Professional Malpractice

When you hire a professional to perform an important service for you, you expect that professional to use the experience, education, and training necessary to perform those services properly. When a professional fails to do so, the damages can be catastrophic. 

Medical claims, in particular, require not only legal expertise, but also knowledge and familiarity with industry experts necessary to evaluate and present a case. A law firm must be willing to devote the resources necessary to maximize the chance that a jury will get all the evidence necessary to find in the victim’s favor. Oftentimes, these cases are hard fought and expensive for a law firm to pursue.

Over the years, the medical insurance lobby has succeeded in painting a picture of a “medical malpractice crisis.” And it simply does not exist. Medical insurers raise premiums to cover their investment losses, but not because of malpractice cases. In fact, multiple studies show that even when the number of medical malpractice cases filed decreases, doctors’ premiums do not follow.

Unfortunately, the insurance lobby’s efforts have resulted in putting into law protections for doctors in malpractice cases that do not exist for any other person. What does that mean? It means that before a medical malpractice case can be pursued, the injured party or survivors must retain experts who agree to review and testify to the malpractice. What a jury doesn’t know is that finding courageous doctors to testify is made even more difficult by medical malpractice insurance policies which forbid a doctor to testify against another doctor, regardless of the consequences.

Medical malpractice cases are made even more difficult, as health care providers and hospitals retain control of medical records.  Juries depend on the medical records for most of the facts in the case, and a jury’s ability to find the truth is often hampered by incomplete or altered medical records. In fact, we have had multiple experiences with altered records, particularly now that most records are kept electronically.

By understanding the nuances of the medical field and aggressively pursuing those claims that should be pursued for our clients, Ortega Law has been able to reach numerous good results and verdicts. Since our firm began, we’ve litigated, settled and tried numerous medical and legal malpractice claims with significant damages.

Ortega Law believes our own profession should not be immune from the law. As such, we have handled many legal malpractice cases where a lawyer does not meet the standard of care. Such cases may involve expired statutes of limitation or other negligence which causes a client damages. And we’ve been involved in bringing other lawyers who committed acts against their clients to justice.

Ortega Law handles a variety of claims of medical and professional negligence on behalf of our clients. Let’s talk about your case and find out how we may be able to help you.

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