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Police Brutality & Misconduct

We grow up thinking the police are supposed to help and protect us, but that’s not always the case. Each year the news brings horrific stories of police brutality and misconduct in Arizona and across the country. Being on the receiving end of police brutality or misconduct, may make you feel alone, scared and unsure of what to do.

Police brutality and misconduct can take on many different forms such as the following:

  • excessive force/police abuse
  • wrongful death
  • illegal detention
  • unlawful search and seizure

These actions can occur at the hands of law enforcement officials of all kinds whether it’s prison guards, federal agents, local police corrections officers and sheriff officers. For your protection, laws and codes of ethics exist deter these types of situations from occurring.

Police brutality and misconduct affect the lives of thousands of people each year. We cannot overemphasize the importance of fighting back against these transgressions. By taking a proactive approach to the misconduct or brutality you’ve experienced at the hands of law enforcement, you can prevent others from enduring the same thing.

Whatever the specifics of your situation may be, Ortega Law offers the experience needed to protect your rights and sue law enforcement personnel for their misconduct. We understand that cases of police misconduct demand a thorough examination of all the facts and circumstances and will employ every effort on your behalf. Our clients come from all walks of life representing diverse races, ages, occupations,income and education levels and political views. We are committed to vindicating the principles of the Constitution and to fighting official abuses of power.

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