As you can probably guess, no two personal injury cases are alike.  Attorneys can’t respond to “What’s my case worth?” until they do a lot of case homework.  Here are some factors we weigh:

  1. Nature of injuries
  2. Injury treatment needs
  3. Treatment cost and amount already paid
  4. Future medical treatment costs
  5. Types of treatment, from surgery to rehabilitation
  6. Where the suit will go to court
  7. If you were partially at fault
  8. Your prognosis
  9. Preexisting medical conditions
  10. Wage, benefit, and vacation losses
  11. Future wage-earning limitations
  12. Third-party insurance coverages
  13. Emotional and mental-stress value
  14. Loss of spousal consortium
  15. Property-damage deductibles
  16. Similar verdicts in local courts
  17. Defendant’s insurer
  18. Judge assigned to case
  19. Defendant’s counsel

Answers to these questions help build mutual trust between a client and attorney.  With mutual trust and credibility, we can strive to earn injury victims fair outcomes.